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Totum Sport energises your body & mind:

Complete Hydration

You push yourself to run faster, hit harder, and crank out that last rep. During intense exercise you lose water and electrolytes, leading to dehydration. Water alone doesn’t solve the problem, but Totum Sport does! A 100% natural supplement that works to precisely replace those lost electrolytes, and ensure total hydration.
One ability that separates great athletes from good athletes is focus. The brain is completely reliant on glucose for energy, so a deficiency results in poor concentration levels, and reaction times are slowed down. Totum Sport’s ability to rapidly remineralise the body sustains glucose supply to the brain and nerves.
As an elite athlete, your muscular endurance and cardiovascular system are always tested to the limit. Totum Sport enhances stamina by significantly delaying the switch from aerobic to anaerobic work by optimising cell metabolism, and regulating blood sugar. This ensures cells are supplied with enough glucose and oxygen for as long as possible.
Fatigue is a common occurrence during intense training and exercise, which can often compromise other aspects of your health. Totum Sport is the only sports supplement that has all 78 naturally-occurring electrolytes in a fully bioavailable form and in the perfect proportions to ensure that the immune system functions at its best.
Cramps can have a massive impact on an athlete's performance. Totum Sport prevents the drop in blood sodium that contributes to cramps, studies have also shown that Totum Sport delays and reduces lactate production, which prevents cramp, so you can remain strong without impacting your performance.
Muscle fatigue occurs when an athlete does not fully recover, and can increase an athlete's risk of injury. Totum Sport enhances the uptake of nutrients from your post exercise meal, which means recovery time is reduced. Totum Sport also delays lactate production, preventing muscle fatigue to keep you going for longer!
Recovering quickly between training sets, or between quick bursts of energy in competition allows you to keep your advantage going to the finish line. Totum Sport enhances amino acid absorption that is required to repair damaged muscles with the perfect supply of electrolytes to help maximise your body’s recovery.  

100% Natural

78 Electrolytes
No preservatives
No sweeteners
No artificial flavours
No artificial colours

Nothing is added to the already complete number of minerals and trace elements in Totum Sport – it is 100% natural. Collected from a nutrient-dense area of a unique part of the Atlantic Ocean, every batch is tested to ensure it meets the criteria for Informed Sport and is 100% safe.

Trusted by Elite Athletes Around the World

Aimee Willmott
Aimee Willmott

Team GB International and Olympic Swimmer. Commonwealth Gold medalist in the 400IM.

"Totum Sport has become and integral part of my training. Since taking the product I've noticed a huge change in my energy levels. Before I started using Totum Sport I used to really struggle with DOMS for my gym sessions, I now find that my muscle soreness is manageable and I put that down to Totum Sport. I've found my training has been 10x better than ever before."
Jermain Defoe
Jermain Defoe

Premier League and England striker

“I’ve been using Totum Sport since the start of the season. It’s the fastest recovery I’ve ever had after training, I feel as strong and focused in the last 15 minutes as I do in the first 15 minutes of the game. In the time I’ve been taking Totum Sport, I’ve had no muscle injuries, illnesses or colds.”
Dom Watson
Dom Watson

Warrington Wolves Prop

"Since taking Totum Sport I've felt energised. I recover quicker allowing me to train harder and perform better. I'd recommend Totum Sport to anyone."
Richard Kilty
Richard Kilty

Team England Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist in the 4x100m Relay.

Team England Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist in the 4x100m Relay.
Mica McNeill
Mica McNeill

GB Bobsleigh Athlete & Junior World Champion

“Totum is 100% natural and trusted by Informed Sport making it safe for athletes to use. In the past, I have had to avoid certain products to make sure I don’t take any risks. With recovery products I’ve used before I haven’t noticed a difference from before taking it, with Totum I can feel the benefits.”
Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė
Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė

Lithuanian Triple Jump Champion

Lithuanian Triple Jump Champion
Amanda Lightfoot
Amanda Lightfoot

Number 1 UK Biathlete

"It really does boost my training without any sugar highs, and I've found I have consistent energy throughout my sessions. I always feel hydrated throughout my sessions. I've also noticed that it decreases my recover time, allowing me to feel recovered for the next session. My focus has improved, which is vital in my sport as I need to have a lot of focus when I come into the range to hit the targets."
Stephen Kelly
Stephen Kelly

3 Times British Solo 24 Hour Endurance Champion

"I never thought Totum Sport electrolytes would be able to improve my performance on the bike. But WOW, it has! I have experienced reduced muscle pain, no cramp and feel like my endurance is far greater than before I started taking it."
Ross Murray
Ross Murray

1500m Olympian - London 2012

“The biggest improvements I’ve noticed form using Totum is in performance and recovery. I train in the mornings and Totum helps prepare for sessions by being more hydrated and more alert. Not only this, but post session, Totum helps me recovery quicker so that I can train harder the next day.”
Aly Dixon
Aly Dixon

Team GB Olympian. London Marathon 2016/2017 - 1st GB woman

“The biggest benefits I have found so far is the improved recovery after a hard work out or a long run. Totum Sport ensures that all minerals from your body during training are replaced, speeding up recovery, and allowing you to train hard again in a few days’ time. It also ensures I remain well hydrated whilst training in hot climates.”

Go the Distance

Totum Sport keeps you going.

Complete Hydration

Totum Sport gives all of the electrolytes to give you complete hydration and circulation hydration.


Totum Sport delays the switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism, keeping you going for longer.


Rapidly replace the electrolytes lost during exercise or competition with Totum Sport.

78 Electrolytes

Exactly what your body needs

There are 78 electrolytes present in your body. Totum Sport contains these same elements, in the same proportions. Most sports supplements use only 4 or 5 unbalanced electrolytes which leads to cellular inefficiencies and inhibited performance. Totum Sport is unique in the field of sports supplements because we take pride in everything we do, especially these areas:

Scientific History

1904 - Rene Quinton shows that the marine plasma in Totum Sport has all the same 78 electrolytes as the body.

High Bioavailability

Plankton convert the non-bioavailable elements to make Totum Sport bioavailable.

Every Batch Tested

Each and every batch is tested for contaminants and radioactivity, ensuring complete product safety.

Athlete Approved

Our athletes are from all levels of sport. From pros to weekend warriors.

Hear Them Roar!

Jules Briggs

“Since I started taking Totum Sport I have felt better hydrated and have more motivation to keep going towards the end of a run!”

– Jules Briggs


“I’m a Tennis Coach and have been playing daily my whole life. My experience with Totum Sport is that it keeps me totally focused. The difference between when I take it and I don’t take it is completely different.”

– Demian

Stephen Gibson

“I know when taking Totum Sport I can run everyday, whereas before taking Totum Sport it cold take me up to 3 days to recover”

– Stephen Gibson

Paula Brown

“Since taking Totum regularly I’ve never had to end a run early due to a stitch.”

– Paula Brown

Bob Burnquist

“Since taking Totum Sport I really feel energised. I can say this is the find of a lifetime. I am going to keep taking it. I hope more and more people get tuned to this because this is one of those magical things that comes once in a lifetime.”

– Bob Burnquist

John Sayer

“Since taking Totum Sport, I have been able to up my mileage by 15%, push harder and also record a lot faster runs.”

– John Sayer

Tim Field

“With Totum Sport, I’ve had no problems with illness and I have also found that my recovery between sessions has been quicker.”

– Tim Field

Peter Moralee

“Totum Sport has definitely taken my running to the next level.”

– Peter Moralee

Jules Pearson

“Totum Sport has helped me no end. I feel more energized and I recover more quickly. My fitness has improved beyond expectation.”

– Jules Pearson

Keith Lowis

"Totum Sport has certainly provided a boost to my training as I have felt stronger during my runs and it has also aided recovery"

– Keith Lowis

Iain Wilson

"Finding more energy after half an hour with Totum Sport, where I used to flag before!"

– Iain Wilson

Michael Briggs

“Since taking Totum Sport my headaches and lethargy have decreased significantly. I’m feeling right as rain the next day, reducing the dull ache of DOMS.”

– Michael Briggs

Tim West

"Totum Sport's biggest benefits for me have been preventing calf strain, which was my main source of slowing down during a race"

– Tim West

Lynda Clough

"I must admit, my endurance and recovery is certainly improving. Totum Sport I salute you!"

– Lynda Clough

Bert Sheffield

"Thought you would like to know how I got on with Totum Sport - it is fantastic! I've found this product the best electrolyte kind of thing I have ever taken. No brain slow down in the heat of competition!”

– Bert Sheffield

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